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Redden International Technology Co., Ltd. е един от световните производители, доставчици и износители Пластмасови чехли, С една фабрика в Taiwan. С дългогодишен опит в линията на вземане, ние сме известни за изключителна производителност в индустрията. Ние сме помогнали като един от водеща марка в Taiwan. Ние непрекъснато обновяваме нашите продукти да отговарят на международните стандарти. Ние държим на екип от професионалисти, които предоставя по срочните доставки с високо quality.Our, искреност и упорита работа ни помогна да съответства на нашето качество с международните стандарти.


Redden International Technology Co., Ltd.

Redden International Technology Co., Ltd. is the footwear company mostly produce EVA (vinyl acetate copolymer) shoes.

The company cooperated with Taiwan's most professional mold manufacturers, starting from design, development and production are all integrated together, the quality and design are approved both domestically and internationally.

Since year 2017 the plant relocated to Taichung, the plant now has approximately 1000 square meters where processing and quality control take place.

Monzu 3S Indoor Slippers is exclusive globally patented and received great reputation from customers. The company is dedicated to ensure all the manufacturing are made in Taiwan, and obtained certifications from SGS, MIT Smile Logo, and number of verification reports such as non-Plasticizer, non-toxic, non-slip to ensure the best quality and most comfortable footwear are offered to the customer in the highly developed shoe industry of Taichung is the moto of the company.

Monzu 3S indoor slippers is the main product of Ryden which caught the attention and beloved by the by the customers. Redden also has various indoor and outdoor fancy slippers for domestic and exporting companies to choose from. Redden is dedicated to use the technology of EVA material to manufacture high-quality shoes in Taiwan and targeting globally.


1.How can I know your quality before I place an order?
Please don’t be worried, we can send you some samples for you to check and confirm the quality before you place an order.

2.Is it possible to add my logo or design my own style of shoes?
Yes! we are professional slipper manufacturer and we have our own design department, so OEM and ODM inquiries are both welcome. We can put your logo on the shoes as well as make samples according to your design.

3.How can I estimate the cost including the freight?
We can the inform you the approximate weight, volume and shipping port according to the quantity and material of the order, so the total cost can be estimated by yourself. Or, we can evaluate the cost for you before placing an order.

SGS Qualified
  • antibacterial
  • coefficient
  • noheavy
  • sgs1
  • sgs2
  • sgs3
  • sgs4
  • sgs5
  • sgs6
  • sgs7
  • sgs8
  • twpaper
  • cnpaper
Нашата искреност и упорита работа ни помогнаха да съответства на качеството на нашите

Пластмасови чехли

с международните стандарти. Според различните видове изисквания на производство, ние предлагаме перфектни услуги за вас.